This is awesome!! We use Thru Coolant Spindle on our 2X HAAS VF4 SS & 2X HAAS VF6 SS. It is great to get all the chips out and one want to re-cut chips. You have better tool life and you can crank up the feed like in aluminum.

Tool Changer Recovery on your Haas VF4 SS


The tool changer recovery on your Haas V4 SS is very helpful. We use it often to say that it is better and easier then our Matsuura machines. You just follow the instruction on the screen and your Haas machine will be up and running in no time. Definitely worth taking a look at.


How to use Canned Cycles Work with G98 & G99 on Haas Vertical Mill

This Canned Cycle is awesome if you are using c-clamps and other clamps to bolt your part on a fixture. Saves you a lot of time.

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Tapping Faster on Haas CNC Mill

Tapping faster on Haas CNC Mill with Setting 130 adjusted. This is great for tapping lots of holes and speeds up your cycle time for parts.

Haas Screenshot

How to create a screen shot of the Haas control. Well it is easy just watch the YouTube video.

This is great to save your x, y, z offsets.

Haas Bar Feeder

Krisco bought 2x of these bar feeders and they work excellent.


New technology to cut material with little oil on a Haas Vertical Mill.

MQL = Minimum Quality Lubrication

Machining for the future.
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